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Zeke Xiao#

I have worked on a C#/WPF TODO application, dabbled in C++/navigation, and am currently working on a second-rate programmer for openCASCADE welding applications.

  1. email: [email protected]
  2. github: https://github.com/zekexiao
  3. website: https://zekexiao.com

Tinkering Notes#

  • 2023-7: Raincloud Hong Kong 1 had a malfunction for a month, migrated to xlog.app
  • 2023-4-19: Migrated to Raincloud
  • 2022-4-8: Typecho hosted on Tencent Cloud
  • 2019-9-24: Made it happen on Typlog
  • 2019-7-25: Migrated back to Baidu Cloud due to filing requirements, using Caddy + webhook
  • 2019-5-20: Hosted on gitlab, deployed using Netlify
  • 2019-5-6: Migrated to Baidu Cloud virtual host, synchronized using git-ftp
  • 2019-4-18: Hosted on gitea, synchronized to the server using Caddy + webhook
  • 2019-3-22: Disabled CDN, migrated to hugo, hosted on gitlab.com
  • 2018-10: Enabled Cloudflare CDN
  • 2018-5-16: Successfully filed for linger.ink
  • 2018-4-7: Unable to file with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for the .me domain, so registered linger.ink for future filing purposes. Set up a 301 redirect for lingerz.me and will now use the new .ink domain
  • 2018-1-30: Enabled lingerz.me domain
  • 2017-10-08~2018: Blog temporarily suspended due to database deletion
  • 2014~2017: Used Typecho, https://wehentai.org

Support Me By Aff#

bunnycdn (Storage & CDN): https://bunnycdn.com/?ref=kmo4va5s4m

Raincloud (VPS & Game Cloud): https://www.rainyun.com/MzcwMjk=_

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